Friday, April 3, 2015

Maggie Tides Design

By Maggie

Ah! So I took a leap of faith and put some of my art pieces up for sale.
You can check out my work on my new website and Etsy shop:

How did this happen?!
The process of creating art again and of putting it up for everyone to see has been really powerful.  It has given me the opportunity to reminisce and reflect on where I am, where I've been, and where I want to be.

I've been really lucky to have exposure to and instruction in art. I took art lessons from a neighbor-lady when I was really little. I remember learning the color wheels and playing with different mediums - watercolor, oil paints, ink and pencil. In 5th grade I was part of an exchange program where I got to spend an entire afternoon making and learning about art. I won a congressional art competition in high school and a college scholarship based on art I'd done. I love using my hands (and brain) to organize space and colors in beautiful ways.

I remember getting ready to graduate from high school and wondering how I could make a living on my own. I tried to strategize what education would give me the most options while still being enjoyable and rewarding. I remember getting an acceptance letter from an art history program and turning it down because I didn't think I could make a living with it.

I ended up going to the University of Southern California (fight on!), and I loved it. I studied Architecture, and it was an incredible education in graphic design, physical space, and construction methods. My architecture studies have been a huge influence on my thinking. At graduation, I was named a Renaissance Scholar because of my diverse accomplishments - and boy were they right. Spazoid Scholar might have been equally appropriate ;)

A philosophy degree, a two-year stint in the non-profit sector, and two years of law school later, my visualization and graphic skills have atrophied. I have really, REALLY been missing art. Occasional sketches weren't cutting it, so at the beginning of this year, I resolved to do ONE creative thing a week. I purchased a design program for my computer and told myself (much like a gym membership) - because I need creative exercise, I will pay for this program and then I will use it. Except, unlike my gym membership, I've actually been using it!!

Anyway, long story somewhat shorter, I have been having a blast making designs for friends and family. On a whim I threw together a portfolio website. And on April 1, I decided - what the heck - let's put some of this stuff up on Etsy. And holy guacamole - it sold! 

THANK YOU for the incredibly warm response. It feels amazing to know that other people will be enjoying my artwork, and I can't wait to keep making fun and beautiful designs. Stay tuned!

Happy Trails,


I am saving 5% of proceeds to donate to an environmental charity. I've been researching different organizations - local and national - to make sure the money is well-spent. if you have any recommendations, please pass them along!

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