Friday, January 17, 2014

Brew: Belle Bier Brut

By: Maggie

BREW: Belle Bier Brut
BREWERY: Devil's Canyon
BOTTOM LINE: Great beer! I want about 8 cases on ice for my first summer boat trip. Or maybe my first summer Sierra run ;)

LOVE IT: It is light, crisp, and has a refreshing tang to it. It reminds me of another beer I love- and am drinking tonight- Allagash White Ale. Just sour enough to make itself known, but sweet enough to remind me of champagne. In comparison to Allegash, it doesn't have the rich floral taste at the end, but is almost, if not equally, satisfying. The smell is really subtle. At 6% ABV, it's a little low for my usual suspects, but I could drink this all day. Me likey.
LEAVE IT: I love this. BUT if I had to improve on perfection... I'd bump up the ABV and saturate the flavors a tad more. No real complaints. I will be looking for this to take home! I also love that it's a local San Carlos brewery. Bartender said they're moving soon- I'll have to scope them out!
TRACK IT: Brown Chicken Brown Cow in Campbell with an order of spicy BBQ chips!

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