Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nike Allover Flash sneak peek

What it looks like in the daytime/full light
Same location and lighting as picture above but with camera flash
By: Stevie

Recently, I was fortunate enough to inherit the Nike Allover Flash jacket ($500) from my boss at The Running Revolution. This thing is insane. The entire outside of the jacket is made from glass-beaded material, resulting in 360 degrees of 400-candlepower reflectivity. The photos below show just how powerful the light-reflecting properties are. The first picture was taken under fluorescent bulbs that light our store. The second picture is the exact same conditions, but with the flash on my coworker's iPhone turned on.

I haven't had the chance to run in it yet, but I'll post a more thorough review once I do. Just from wearing it around the shop I've noticed that it doesn't breathe very well, but I'll confirm that on the trails!


  1. The jacket is very cool! I am looking for some kind of reflective gear--would you recommend one of those vests (so people mistake me for a construction worker)?
    And THANK YOU for the recommendation on the Asics Nimbus. I have been walking in them and this morning did an alternating walk/slow jog--they are great shoes!!
    It's a wild and wooly day in Reno today--windy with dark clouds and spitting rain. It was a good day to try the first public attempt--no one was out!!

  2. I'm so glad that you're enjoying the shoes and am really impressed with how quickly you've put them to use! Run/walking is a fantastic way to build up stamina. :)

    As for reflective gear, vests are the easiest and safest product for running at night. Check out this site for some other cool ideas:

    Also, this top is SUPER comfortable and difficult to miss at night:

    Keep up the awesome work and hope to see you soon!!