Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Maggie's First Ultra: Woodside 50km

By: Maggie

Woohoo! Finished my first 50km ultramarathon right at the end of 2013 - Woodside 50k. Loved the training, loved the race, and am looking forward to more in 2014. It was a fantastic way to end my first semester of law school at Berkeley, and I loved exploring the East Bay trails and parks.

I couldn't have done it without FIRST being totally inspired by Stephen, having his guidance in training and diet, and finally having his support on race day. It was a lot of work, but it makes it more fun to share it with someone else :)

Goals for 2014!
  • Don't ditch class to go running :)
  • Learn French
  • Add in swimming, weights, and more yoga!
  • Canyon Meadow 50k
  • Grizzly Peak 50k 
  • Find a great summer law job
  • Maybe hit up a 50 miler (??!!)
  • Drink more good beer

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