Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brooks PureCadence 3 first glance

By: Stevie

These are only my initial observations. I haven't had the chance to put any serious miles on these...yet.

$120.00 (8.6oz.)

We just received our shipment of the Brooks PureCadence 3 and, wow, what an update! Part of the PureProject line, the Cadence 3 blends the benefits of a lightweight, low-drop (4mm) "natural" shoe with a touch of support, resulting in a plush yet responsive ride.


The stiff heel counter provides noticeable support and locks my heel firmly in place without feeling overly snug. The lateral sides of the heels feature a unique design in which the corners are rounded, reducing initial pronation. I've worn the shoe sockless multiple times and am pleased with how soft the materials are; however, the forefoot is a bit stiff, and I can feel the overlay dig into my toes when it flexes. Hopefully this will work itself out after a few runs. Built on an anatomical last, it opens up into a roomy toe-box, and although it's narrower than the previous model, there is still plenty of room for toe splay. Probably the coolest feature, though, is the widened Nav Band which wraps the midfoot to provide mild support for over-pronators. 

Less important, but still worth noting, is the color! The aqua blue (which I've dubbed Blow Pop Blue) looks fantastic. It's a shade rarely seen on running shoes.


The cushioning is noticeably softer than most other shoes I've tried in this category because of Brooks's use of Biomogo DNA, which is an eco-friendly biodegradable midsole. This is especially important since I burn through the PureProject line fairly quickly; around 200 miles.


A wider platform in the forefoot allows you to strike evenly without having to overthink your stride. The flex grooves are well thought out and provide a smooth transition from heel-to-toe. It'll probably handle just fine on hard-packed firetrails and loose singletrack, although I wouldn't trust it so much in wet conditions.


I'm really excited to put some miles on these, but without being able to justify a new pair of shoes right now, that'll have to wait. Brooks doesn't spare anything when it comes to form and function, and the PureCadence 3 is a perfect example. It'll work well for neutral and over-pronators alike and is the ideal option for those looking into a more natural ride.


  1. Wait a minute ... don't the Brooks Glycerins come in that same lovely blue? Mine are that color ;-)

    1. I'd say they're more of a powder blue ;) But I'm just nitpicking! I don't discriminate against any shades of blue.