Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Trail: Strawberry Canyon

By: Maggie

Took a couple hours between classes to run up the Strawberry Canyon trail from the Berkeley campus. This is definitely one of my favorite runs because it's accessible right from campus, but also because it has a nice butt-kicker climb within the first mile and then evens off to an easy, level fire trail. It also connects to the Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve a couple times. Both the Strawberry Canyon and Claremont Canyon trails sit between the larger parks of Tilden (to the north) and Sibley (to the south). You can reach both parks from this trail. 

There is a dirt parking lot just up the Centennial Drive from the UC Berkeley football stadium. Not a lot of room in the lot, but it's hardly ever busy. You can keep driving up the road and park/run up in Tilden, too. Or just park near campus and run up the gravel path along the road. No bathrooms or water on the trail, but there are both at the rugby field on Centennial Drive.

Love my Saucony Kinvaras! I ran my 50k in these shoes in December, but they still feel great. Sides are getting torn out a bit, but I'm planning on keeping these in my shoe rotation. Socks optional! :)

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