Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mud Fest

By: Magalicious

I've been so pumped about the rainy weather! First off, we're in a drought. But secondly, it's a blast to get dirty and enjoy the trails when no one else is around!

I've been easing back into training at my usual spots. Hit up Rancho this weekend. The only downside of running in South Bay on weekends is that my fav spot Green Bites Cafe isn't open. Booooooo!

Leave it to Stephen. Thankfully he hosed off before getting in my truck..

I've also been getting into the groove in my own hood. The Strawberry Canyon trail is great, per usual. Mud doesn't get bad until about 3 miles in! I've been exploring more of the offshoot trails up through the trees. 

Yay, springtime! Gotta love California!

Altras are definitely broken in! I think I prefer wearing these without socks, even in the rain! I know - be still, my beating heart. 

I've also been working in early morning gym days. Nice and dry in the weight room!

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