Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oofos everywhere!

By: Stevie

About 6 months ago I received a free pair of Oofos recovery sandals, and, oh, how my feet have sung! Utilizing a proprietary OOfoam, Oofos deliver a lightweight, flexible, and supply soft piece of footwear perfect for post-race recovery or a day at the beach. I find them most comfortable after a hard day on the trails when my feet can no longer stand the confinement of a running shoe.

Post-race chillin' and 2nd place finish at Stevens Creek 50k
These are also wildly comfortable for anyone dealing with plantar fasciitis, to which I can personally attest. I've had some sort of plantar funk for the better part of 7 months and have almost no pain while wearing my Oofos. This is probably attributed to the built-in arch, which helps reduce pressure on my heel. 

With a piece of recovery footwear I'm ultimately looking for something soft, and these don't disappoint. Oofos sandals provide 37% more impact absorption, while remaining durable, providing long-lasting cushioning. Oh, and they're machine washable! How cool is that?! 

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