Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Way Too Cool 50k and Weekly Wrap-up

By: Stevie

It's been a few weeks since I've written anything, and since the Way Too Cool 50k is around the corner, I figured a post was in order. WTC is one of the NorCal classics and always draws an impressive field, promising a fast and competitive race to the finish. The course isn't super hilly for a 50k -- 4800' of gain -- which means that the speedsters really dominate here. I've been including some speed work every week in hopes to keep up with the frontrunners, especially considering the first 2 miles are usually between 5:45 and 6:15 pace. I know this won't decide the race, but it's reassuring to be able to hang with the big guns.

I ran a 3:59 here in 2011 which was good enough for 14th overall, so anything faster than that, and I'll be stoked. Last year I blew up pretty early on, finishing in 4:09; nothing spectacular, but still pretty quick. My training has been more sporadic than I'd care to admit, and even though I'm not logging the miles like I used to, I'd like to think that I'm physically and mentally stronger than I was 3 years ago. I guess we'll find out this weekend!

Monday, Feb. 24

AM: 24.9 miles, 3:23, 3800' -- Redwood/Chabot
Decided to do my last long run 12 days before the race to fully allow my legs to recover. Did an out-and-back on the Dick Collins 50 course, starting at Skyline Gate in Redwood Park and turning around in Lake Chabot Park. I tried to keep the pace fairly easy for the first 2/3, and picked up my effort for the remaining miles. Felt really strong on the climbs and focused on a quick turnover. Had 3 Gu's, 40oz water and some dates.

PM: 5.1 miles, :51, 775' -- Strawberry Canyon
Shake-out run with my girlfriend in the Berkeley Hills. Legs felt chipper and was happy to be on the trails with Mags.

Tuesday, Feb. 25

AM: 11 miles, 1:15:42, 150' -- Los Gatos Creek Trails
Since WTC is such a fast course I tried to recreate the feeling of racing on tired legs...I think I succeeded because it hurt! My original plan was to run a few hard intervals with the majority of miles being fairly easy, but when I noticed that I wasn't too fatigued I kept pushing the pace. The last mile at 6:11 pace was the most painful, but it should pay off come race day.

PM: 4 miles, :32, 3% incline -- Treadmill
Really easy shake-out to flush the legs.

Wednesday, Feb. 26

AM: 8 miles, 1:05, 800' -- Rancho
Completely wrecked from the past two days of training, so I cut the run short and kept the pace relaxed.

Thursday, Feb. 27

AM: 8.6 miles, 1:16, 1031' -- Redwood
Redwood Park is quickly becoming my favorite place to run! Lots of beautiful single-track and views of surrounding hills and mountains keep me inspired the entire run. I was still fatigued from monday and tuesday, so I tried to run relaxed and not push the pace.

PM: 5.4 miles, :59, 200' -- San Fran
I had an interview with Brooks (the shoe company!!) which consisted of an easy run around San Francisco and a beer. Definitely the best interview I've ever had...hope I'll have good news regarding the position soon!

Friday, Feb. 28

Complete recovery day. Lots of food and relaxation with my gf and her mom.

Saturday, Feb. 29

AM: 4 miles, :26 -- Los Gatos Creek Trail
I was crunched on time this morning, making for some faster, tempo-ish miles. Spits were: 6:50, 6:39, 5:44, 6:24.

Sunday, Feb. 30

AM: 9 miles, 1:06, 993' -- Rancho
Went to Rancho with the lady and, starting from the dirt lot, ran the Wildcat trail up the middle to Upper High Meadow. Held a moderate to hard pace up Wildcat, resulting in a PR from lot the dirt lot to the Upper High Meadow split! Descended down Upper Rogue Valley and clicked off a sub-5 minute mile. Felt great!


-Miles: 80
-Time : 10hr 55min
-Elevation: 7750'

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