Sunday, March 16, 2014

Joaquin Miller Park - East Bay

By: Maggie

Had an AWESOME run today! Checked out some new trails in Joaquin Miller Park and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I'm still loving my Suunto and the great metrics it gives me after each run. I also really appreciate the visual interface. It's easy to understand and visually appealing too!

It was my first time on these trails, so I kept being surprised by stunning views when I'd come around corners! Absolutely beautiful day.

The Sequoia-Bay View trail was great. A nice long, flat-ish trail in an otherwise pretty hilly area. Dappled shade and cool air rising from the ravines. Unbeatable!

Coming back down into Joaquin Miller park there is an amphitheater with really beautiful pools of water tiered down along the hillside. It was worth the climbing to enjoy the sights!

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